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By 2030, the Blockchain market will be worth approximately $2 trillion.


With years of experience, Talos Enterprise Blockchain advisors have been and are in the vanguard of this space. From the drawing board to delivery, our specialists will guide you along each stage of your blockchain journey.

The disruptive potential of blockchain can’t be overstated. From here on, business transactions are set to be forever altered. As companies race to harness this potential, Talos Enterprise Blockchain is helping businesses implement blockchain across a range of industries. With an extensive network of talent and partners, including the Enterprise Ethereum Alliance, we accelerate time to market and ensure you capitalize on blockchain’s transformational possibilities.

Advisory Services

From advising on blockchain architecture to APIs that connect payment platforms to banks, Talos Enterprise Blockchain’s team of professionals makes sure to deliver what you envisioned. We deliver exceptional work without exception – whether your organization is just getting started or is actively moving into production.

Step 1 Assess Step 2 Case Step 3 Concept Step 4 Engage Step 5 Launch
Our Methodology
Step 1 / Assess

Identify problem statement and determine whether blockchain is the right solution.

Step 2 / Case

Ideate on areas of opportunities, including potentially Tokenization, and define use cases, that support customer needs.

Step 3 / Concept

Leverage existing TEB assets and POC to experiment and validate idea.

Step 4 / Engage

Start to develop and drive participation from ecosystem.

Step 5 / Launch

Scale in the market and focus on user acquisition and ongoing engagement.

At Talos Enterprise Blockchain we bring world-class consulting acumen and our team’s experienced capability to drive digital transformation for enterprises. We build tailored windows that assist industry in solving the problems of tomorrow.




Investment in blockchain is projected to reach $11.7B by 2022 as industry leaders are attracted to the transparency, security, and improved efficiency provided by distributed ledger technology. Our team of advisors understands firsthand the opportunities this technology provides.

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Since its first appearance, blockchain has already begun to fundamentally disrupt industries, including financial services, media, telecoms and more. At Talos Enterprise Blockchain our advisors leverage propriety assets to support these businesses.

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At Talos Enterprise Blockchain we have the right talent pool of senior blockchain developers, enabling our clients to focus on their goals, secure in the knowledge that their projects are progressing to the highest standards.

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Developing next-generation blockchain fintech solutions requires expertise, experience with platforms and currencies, and a deep understanding of market infrastructures, practices, and regulatory limitations. Our blockchain experts provide support to clients by providing due diligence to ensure blockchain is right for a proposed application and budget, identifying the right platform and currency for a client’s specific needs, helping to find the right talent, strategizing on model tokenization, ensuring projects are compliant with financial regulations, and more.



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Our advisors have an in-depth understanding of how enterprises across industries can harness the power of distributed ledger technologies to meet their business objectives. To support clients our advisors leverage Talos Enterprise Blockchain assets and libraries, including digital marketplaces for blockchain, asset guard platforms, payment distribution platforms, smart contacts, high-speed distributed API networks, and more.  



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Start your blockchain journey on the right path.

In a 2018 Deloitte survey nearly 80% of senior executives said they expected their organizations to adopt blockchain within the next year. From JPMorgan Chase to Santander, industry leaders are increasingly investing R&D into what is now viewed by many as the future. From helping with blockchain architecture, to building APIs that connect payment platforms to banks, the Talos Enterprise Blockchain team makes sure to build what you envisioned..

Industrial solutions

From helping with blockchain architecture to building APIs that connect payment platforms to banks, Talos Enterprise Blockchain’s team of professionals makes sure to build what you envisioned. We deliver exceptional work without exception – whether you are just getting started or are actively moving into production.


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Other industries


Financial & Banking

Financial services such as payments and securitization have always needed a middleman – until blockchain’s ledger didn’t need administering. According to a report from CB Insights, blockchain is set to disrupt nearly every aspect of traditional banking. For those in the industry, the time is now to explore how blockchain can transform your financial functions.



Telecomunications- icon

The technology, media and telecom (TMT) sector, with $17 billion lost each year to fraud, concerns surrounding security and customer privacy remain impediments to addressing this issue. The telecom industry is at an inflection point and communications service providers need to innovate. One after the other, telcos are realizing it’s the golden moment to go to the blockchain.


Other Industries

Other industries - icon

Developing the right blockchain solutions requires expertise, experience with platforms, and a deep understanding of markets and industries. The Talos Enterprise Blockchain team understands the importance of consistently delivering elegant, intuitive solutions. Contact our team to learn more.

Our Team

Minaz Sarangi

Minaz Sarangi is the President at Talos Enterprise Blockchain. Sirangi was earlier the Chief Architect at TD Bank Financial Group and before that the Chief Architect at ING Group.

Michael Luna

Michael Luna is a prolific inventor who holds or is named on more than 94 issued US patents (as well as hundreds of pending applications). Michael served in the US Navy as an Interior Communications Electrician in the Naval Nuclear Power Program and has held CTO positions at multiple technology companies. [— Openwave Systems Inc., SEVEN Networks and Jawbone, to name a few —in fields ranging from biomedicine to telecoms to consumer electronics. He is currently CTO for Jawbone Health Hub.]

Shahid Ahmed

Shahid is a partner at Talos Enterprise Blockchain. He co-founded the blockchain non-profit EQITII Foundation and is an advisor to telecoms and tech firms focused on digital transformation. [Earlier, Shahid spent 20 years in senior management roles at Accenture and PwC. Shahid is a member of the Federal Communications Commission’s Technology Advisory Council and is an adjunct professor at Northwestern University’s McCormick School of Engineering.]

Amyn Gillani

Amyn is a partner at Talos Enterprise Blockchain and is the CEO of Talos Digital. He is a mentor at the global startup accelerator The Founder Institute and the French government agency Business France. [Amyn has over 20 years of experience in IT technologies, including databases, web development and mobile application development. Amyn is a contributor at Entrepreneur Magazine and The Next Web on blockchain in emerging markets.]

Keith Mangum

Keith Mangum is a partner and Chief Marketing Officer at Talos Enterprise Blockchain and is an advisor at PricewaterhouseCoopers. He is the founder of Ocean Strategic Marketing and earlier served as the Chief Marketing Officer at blockchain non-profit EQITII. [Keith has over 20 years of experience in senior executive roles at multinational corporations and startups leading teams in marketing, PR, advertising and branding.]

Saqib Malik

Saqib is a creator, engineer and a business leader with extensive experience in launching successful products globally. At Accenture, Saqib is leading a team to help clients in NA with their growth strategy focused on disrupting the core business or creating/launching new services to market. [He has worked as part of Accenture Digital in digital strategy, investment management, partnership with Apple and building studio teams across design and engineering. Saqib was responsible to sell & deliver digital products that drive experience led transformation for consumers and employees across many industries – Telco, Retail, Pharma, Oil & Gas, Banking, Insurance, Media, etc. Prior to Accenture, Saqib was part of product teams at Motorola to build and launch iconic mobile devices in global markets. Saqib has also spent time with advising and mentoring early-stage startups focused on Artificial Intelligence and Digital Platforms.]

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