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Blockchain logo The Talos team has been pushing the envelope with Blockchain since the tech's infancy - delivering from day one.
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Ledger Technology

Blockchain’s distributed ledger solutions are bringing unprecedented efficiency and security to new platforms and processes. But as companies race to harness Blockchain’s awesome potential, they’re also apt to overextend their budget.

With years of experience in the emergent Blockchain space, Talos knows firsthand the technology’s opportunities and obstacles. We understand the need for vetted talent that scales to project demands in a cost-effective way.

From helping with Blockchain architecture, to building APIs that connect payment platforms to banks, Talos’ Team of Blockchain professionals make sure we build what you envisioned. We deliver exceptional work without exception – and all while working within your budget.

Our Values, Our Work

Talos’ Blockchain developers offer your company a cost-effective means of exploiting Blockchain’s transformational potential. We can do this by virtue of our unique know-how, and because we hold ourselves to the highest standards.

At Talos, we’re keenly aware of each individual client’s value. We know the importance of consistently delivering elegant, intuitive solutions. And we boast an extensive portfolio of work with startups, SMEs, and enterprises, including one of the largest banks in Latin America.

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Our Portfolio and our Proof

Our crypto specialists have been and are in the vanguard of the blockchain space. The Talos Blockchain Team has helped dozens of business with the development of multi-signature wallets and exchanges, smart contracts, and ICO services. And we have ample experience working with Ripple, ERC20, Stellar, Hyperledger and other currencies.