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5 Things You May Not Know About E-commerce Consumers in Latin America

Written by Ignacio Pascual

As internet penetration and financial services become more readily available in the region spanning from Mexico to the Southern Cone of Argentina, e-commerce professionals should educate themselves on the over 650 million potential consumers that inhabit it. Here are five things you may not know about e-commerce consumers in Latin…

Why You Should Start Planning for The Next Holiday Season Soon

Written by Ignacio Pascual

With the uncertainty surrounding brick and mortar retail due to COVID-19-related restrictions in mind, e-retailers would be wise to get a jump start preparing for the upcoming holiday season, and below we have some tips for e-retailers to get ahead on email marketing, advertising, perfecting their customer experience and maneuvering…

A Deep Dive Into the State of Colombia’s E-Commerce Sector

Written by Sergio Granada

Online Sales Colombia’s e-commerce industry is expanding at breakneck speed. In 2018, online shopping increased 24.5% — one of the highest growth rates worldwide — and continues to climb, with experts predicting a 19% increase in online sales over the next five years — almost twice the global average. What’s…

The 5 ‘Make or Break’ Trends in E-Commerce for 2020

Written by Ignacio Pascual

As we look ahead at 2020, there are a few key e-commerce trends that current market leaders like Amazon will leverage to create even more distance between themselves and competitors, and that promising newcomers will use to catapult themselves to the front of the pack. Here are 2020’s ‘make or…