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Choosing the best programming language for your native app

Written by Camino Usuga

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So you have a great idea for a native app but you’re not sure about how to build it and where to begin on the development side. One of the first few questions you’ll need to ask yourself is which programming language is the best fit for what you’re trying…

Now may be the best time to become a full-stack developer

Written by Sergio Granada

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In the world of software development, one term you’re sure to hear a lot of is full-stack development. Job recruiters are constantly posting open positions for full-stack developers and the industry is abuzz with this in-demand. But what does full-stack actually mean?

Simplifying the Complexities of Front & Back-end Development

Written by Jordan Russ

It begins with understanding what we call the “bookmarks” of essential programming in today’s development environment are: front-end and back-end languages. The most understandable segway into this world is using a real-life example – in this particular scenario, we’ll go with constructing a brand new house. Building a house includes…