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Cisco® Solution Partners

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As one of the first Cisco® Solution Partners to focus on custom software development, we deliver unparalleled integrated solutions to our joint customers.

While we’ve found a niche in creating cutting-edge applications for Cisco Spark, our team develops innovative software applications, bots, chatbots, and integrations to solve any number of problems. No matter what your software and platform needs are, we’re ready to take your vision to the next level.

Talos specializes in both the APIs and the integration of Cisco Spark. These custom solutions enhance the capabilities, management, and performance of large scale networks. They’re consistently seeking to capture the value of network connections. While software development may be a new direction for Cisco, it definitely isn’t for us.

“Talos has successfully delivered on custom software solutions for over a decade at companies around the globe. We have an intimate knowledge of the APIs for both Cisco and Tropo that we can leverage to help deliver products from conception, proof of concept, full deployment, and SLDC.”

Amyn Gillani, Founding Partner, Talos Digital

If you’d like to learn more about our partnership with Cisco, our custom built software solutions around Cisco Spark, or how our expertise and work can help with your project needs, contact us now and we’ll get back to you shortly.
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Talos Works with Cisco

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After a lengthy search and vetting process, Cisco partnered with Talos Digital and funded the custom development of the Cisco Spark App for Splunk. Together we developed and implemented a software application to bridge the gap between Splunk alerts and the Cisco Spark platform.

Splunk helps efficiently monitor data and create alerts that lead to:

Faster ticket resolution

Notifications that isolate specific problems

Proper resource assignment

Clipart example of a Cisco application an apple Macbook


This specialized application is designed to help customer service, sales, and marketing agents stay connected to their customers through a personalized messaging service.

CampaignBot allows professionals to target specific people or larger groups and makes interacting with customers the individualized experience it’s designed to be. On top of reducing campaign costs, CampaignBot can send personalized SMS messages directly to customer mobile phones based on their locations.

Personalized messaging service

Customer interaction

Campaign management

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Clipart example of a Cisco application an apple iMac

War Room

This custom built service allows administrators to create digital Spark Chat Rooms in the event of an office outage. Our client's CEO needed a problem solving tool to immediately alert his executive team of "high-alert" developments within the company.

By using personal SMS messages and private “war rooms,” this application allows the gears to keep turning even when the lights go out.

Cisco Spark War rooms

Real-time alerts


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