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Talos Digital provides custom software development services including mobile and web applications and emerging technologies to clients in Miami and nationwide.

IT Staff


Clients looking to grow their tech team efficiently utilize Talos Digital’s staff augmentation services. We have teams comprised of full-stack engineers, specialized talent, and project excellence to take on projects of any size.



Talos Digital’s emerging tech team is a leader in countless areas—from complex integrations to blockchain technology, AI and advanced eCommerce solutions.


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Our Clients


Most Innovative App

Infomation Sports Technologies by TALOS

Best new App

Leagues App by TALOS

Best in health care


Our Team

Amyn Gillani

Amyn is a partner at Talos Enterprise Blockchain and is the CEO of Talos Digital. He is a mentor at the global startup accelerator The Founder Institute and the French government agency Business France. Amyn has over 20 years of experience in IT technologies, including databases, web development and mobile application development. Amyn is a contributor at Entrepreneur Magazine and The Next Web on blockchain in emerging markets.

Minaz Sarangi

Minaz Sarangi is the President at Talos Enterprise Blockchain. Sirangi was earlier the Chief Architect at TD Bank Financial Group and before that the Chief Architect at ING Group.

Michael Luna

Michael Luna is a prolific inventor who holds or is named on more than 94 issued US patents (as well as hundreds of pending applications). Michael served in the US Navy as an Interior Communications Electrician in the Naval Nuclear Power Program and has held CTO positions at multiple technology companies. — Openwave Systems Inc., SEVEN Networks and Jawbone, to name a few —in fields ranging from biomedicine to telecoms to consumer electronics. He is currently CTO for Jawbone Health Hub.

Alexa Olteanu

Alexa is the COO of Talos Digital. She is focused on process improvement and on-time delivery of all projects. Ensuring projects perfectly suit the clients needs while remaining as cost efficient as possible.

Camilo Usuga

Camilo is the CTO and Head of Product at Talos Digital. He is a serial entrepreneur, cofounding startups like Kactoos, a social commerce platform in Latin America and another company specializing in UX and User Research to help corporations understand their user needs, helping from Banks, Retail to Telcos increase their conversion rates, product affinity and to create the product their users really wanted.