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As a Magento development company, we know that you’re looking for a partner who shares the same values and priorities you do. That’s why, when we’re creating top-notch products for our clients, we emphasize quality, efficiency, and speed. We only build products that return the time and money that has been put into them. To do that, nothing short of the best will do.

As an out-of-the-box solution Magento is highly extendable and feature-rich, enabling a unique experience for you and your online business.

Our certified Magento specialists can create a custom solution to drive traffic and generate revenue for your project in ways other engines simply can’t compete with.

“So when we’re working with ecommerce, Talos works with Magento.”

Concerned with an underperforming or incomplete project already built in Magento?

Slide 2-Graphic-MagentoCreated with Sketch.Design andcustomizationStoreDevelopmentSupportMagento SEO
Slide 2-Graphic-MagentoCreated with Sketch.Design andcustomizationStoreDevelopmentSupportMagento SEO
Slide 2-Graphic-MagentoCreated with Sketch.Design andcustomizationStore DevelopmentSupportMagento SEO

We can save your budget and project by transforming your site into a platform that realizes your project objectives. Talos provides quick, thorough, and cost-effective development through Magento, as well as ongoing support to ensure your ecommerce platform continues to deliver after the development is complete.

Magento Works

But don’t just take it from us. We’ve successfully delivered Magento solutions for numerous clients who have experienced serious revenue increases as a result of this powerful and flexible engine.

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Otte NY

An of-the-moment, high-end fashion store built to last for many, many seasons. As a women’s high-end fashion store targeted to the top 1% of Manhattan, Otte’s online store had to work as well as their 7 brick and mortar locations do.

How it’s working.

Otte’s Magento ecommerce app now brings in more revenue than any of their other stores at a fraction of the cost. Our efforts grew their online business revenue from $300K to $5M. These are the kind of impressive results we see each time Magento is introduced to our clients’ ecommerce strategy.

Why “Talos Works” as a Magento development company

We focus on creating products that not only succeed in the short-term, but continue generating long-term revenue and profits for their owners. Our clients’ satisfaction and the quality of our projects reflect our desire and ability to be the best at what we do.

In an industry that never quits, we are the development company that never sleeps.

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