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Creating mobile wallets for people on the go

Mozido, Inc., headquartered in Austin, Texas, provides mobile financial solutions to international mobile phone subscribers, two billion of whom have no bank account. They provide cloud-based payment solutions to industries throughout the world.


What they needed.

Mozido had been unable to hire qualified software developers due to a lack of local talent and high salary demands. Furthermore, they were disappointed with previously outsourced solutions. They needed a partner to provide experienced development teams with the ability to scale up and down as needed.

What we did.

Talos had extensive discussions with Mozido to discover what specific development roles they needed and what problems required solving. By talking about what had not worked in the past and their future goals, we were able to provide experienced Java developers specifically geared toward individual products. These targeted teams quickly delivered based on Mozido’s needs, processes, and timelines.

As the relationship grew, Talos anticipated Mozido’s needs and had new teams available so that they always had the staffing they needed. After seven years and over 13 projects, Talos provided more than 30 rightsourced developers, including Java Developers, Scrum Masters, Android Developers, and Test Engineers.

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Developers Rightsourced

Java Developers
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Scrum Masters
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Android Developers
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QA Developers
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How it's working.

Talos’s ability to provide software developers is crucial to Mozido’s product strategy and global expansion plans, extending their market and providing growth in revenue.

The level of maturity in Talos’s development team was fantastic. They made architectural recommendations and design recommendations. They improved the code, the process, the technology. Their team could work 12-14 hour days to get the product out so we could continue winning business. We benefited tremendously from that. We had a great experience from start to finish.”

Felipe Fernandes,

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