An e-commerce app for the most discerning women

OTTE is a high-end fashion store that targets Manhattan women who want luxury and modern style by providing the latest fashion collections. They have five brick and mortar locations in New York, for online shopping, and a signature clothing label.

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What they needed.

OTTE’s existing e-commerce website was losing customers and sales. The checkout process regularly failed, the layout was inconsistent, and clients complained that the shopping experience was bad. They urgently needed a development partner to stabilize the site. OTTE also requested additional functionality and a mobile-friendly e-comm app. Because of previous problems, they wanted a long-term partner to provide a reliable website, maintenance, and support.

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What we did.

Talos discovered that the website used an outdated version of Magento, so the dev team upgraded to the latest version, which increased overall security for their site. This upgrade also furnished tools for digital marketing and SEO, which OTTE used extensively. The next step was to streamline the UX to provide a more pleasant shopping experience for the customer. These adjustments had an immediate effect on business.

E-commerce Development

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With the critical problems solved, we relied on OTTE’s knowledge of their market and delivered new features to remain relevant in their field. They depended on Talos’s technical expertise to not only stabilize but optimize their mobile site. Being on call and ready to fix issues immediately was crucial. When a situation arose, they trusted the dev team to “put out the fire.”

Mobile Experience

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How it’s working.

With increased marketing tools and new initiatives, the e-commerce app led to a higher percentage of traffic coming from the mobile site and increased earnings. The website now brings in more sales than the stores, at a fraction of the cost, increasing revenue from $200k to $5 million per year.


“Talos Digital was very professional and effective in communicating with us during the development process. The Magento e-commerce app launch was on time and a complete success! I fully recommend Talos for any software development projects without hesitation.”

Nancy Zhang, COO
OTTE New York

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