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A social networking app for golfers


Reddy is an iOS application that connects golfers and provides a more social experience. After creating a profile, users can form groups, create events, and notify friends where they are playing by checking in from the green.

Create a Profile

Build a Community

Follow Events

What they needed.

Gitbit Golf had a basic app with limited functionality, so they needed to partner with an experienced development company to complete the project and release it to the market. They had a specific idea of what they wanted the product to do and needed a team to implement the requested features.

What we did.

Why? is the first question Talos asked Reddy. “Why did their product exist and what would it do for their customers?” Then, we discussed their goals, reviewed the current app, and clearly identified a target demographic. We found that the current UX & UI were not in line with their vision and proposed a redesign of the app with branding and design.

Creating an experience
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UX & UI Design
Reddy Reddy

The iOS developers used an Agile methodology with two-week development cycles to develop the product. The dev team regularly provided new versions of Reddy to the client to gain feedback and ensure it solved the needs of the customers. Talos delivered a redesigned and fully functioning app in four months, launching Reddy on time.

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Find Other Golfers

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Create Events

Screenshot of IOS golf application
Screenshot of IOS golf app
Screenshot of golf application in development

Create Groups

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