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SAP Commerce logo Talos delivers top-tier SAP Commerce and SAP Marketing solutions to ensure your project’s success.
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As an SAP Commerce Gold Partner, we understand the value of each individual client and the importance of consistently delivering attractive and reliable end-to-end SAP Commerce and SAP Marketing solutions.

Partnering with Partners and Clients

Highly Skilled


Singularly Experienced


Aware of each client’s value

Our SAP Certified Architects, Developers, and Business Analysts are also the ideal resources for Partners who are looking for professional, highly skilled, and cost-effective solutions to ease the strain on their internal resources.
The proof is in the work. Our experienced team of SAP resources have successfully delivered complete Commerce and Marketing solutions for both B2B and B2C projects since the inception of SAP Commerce (previously known as SAP Hybris); this includes extensive work with SAP ERP, OMS, and CRM integrations.
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Global Presence

Every Talos SAP resource is rigorously vetted, incredibly skilled, and team-oriented. With offices in NYC, Miami, Montreal, and Medellín, our teams are available where you need them most.

Whether you need to build your end-to-end solution from scratch or augment your existing team with additional resources, our flexible approach will help you get the job done without sacrificing on a project’s quality or budget.

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