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Have a passion for problem solving? Ready to pour your energies and soul into high-stakes software engineering projects? Interested in employment that’s going to prioritize your learning and growth? Drop us a line, then.

The Talos Way

A set of core values underlie the Talos Way. You might say that 5 mantras characterize our style.

The Talos Way
  1. Stay curious Don’t stop asking ‘why.’ And ‘why not.’
  2. Leave your ego at the door We’re in it together, sharing each challenge and success.
  3. Be passionate Breathe life into your work. Everyday.
  4. Hunger for challenges Be psyched to tackle the toughest obstacles.
  5. Don’t be deterred Find a way to get it done.

If these sound familiar, we’ll have a spot for you on our roster

Our Locations

With our founders all hailing from North America, our offices owe a lot to the fun, forward-thinking tech workplaces made famous in the US. Strategically located in NYC, Montreal, Miami, Medellín, Manizales and others, we’ve set up shop in the most innovative cities across two continents.


We're always looking for new talent